About Us



Cammind was established from a multinational blue chip and Big 4 consultancy background as an Information Technology Services and Advisory organisation.

Our primary focus is to add demonstrable value and to ensure organisations maximize the benefits from the people and technology that they have and are investing in.

We work with our clients through the full IT lifecycle, from inception through planning, design, build, deploy and run but with one significant difference, we are not aligned with a specific hardware or software vendor or a particular type of technology. Instead, we work with you to understand your requirements and to then deliver the appropriate solution to your specific set of requirements.

It is our independence, when combined with our knowledgeable management team, supported by a group of pragmatic and expert professionals, who understand complex environments that will make all the difference to your Information Technology engagements. We manage your initiatives and engagements to ensure that the benefits and requirements planned are delivered within scope, on time and on budget.

Capability and People

Cammind engage and deploy senior resources with a wide range of expertise, knowledge, competencies and abilities. As career Information Technology professionals, Cammind people enjoy what they do, work hard for our clients, work effectively with all stakeholders and are efficient and outcome oriented. To do this, we recruit great people, with a successful work history who value a sound work/life balance and are nice people to work with.

Our management team works closely with all of our people to provide continual advice and guidance. We also have a number of tools and techniques that are designed to ensure our people maintain focus on the engagement fundamentals to manage time, cost and quality in order to meet your expectations and outcomes. As part of our delivery approach, we also regularly perform engagement audits to ensure we are delivering the outcomes and outputs required by our clients.